Saturday, August 27, 2011

John MacArthur: "Don't Go To A 'Flat Screen Church'."

Posted by Christine Pack

From a discussion with Editor Alex Crain and Grace To You's John MacArthur, discussing Dr. MacArthur's 2011 book Slave: The Hidden Truth about Your Identity in Christ. editor Alex Crain: If you could just take a quick glance across the landscape of evangelicalism in the United States, what do the next five to twenty-five years look like to you, based on what you see in ministries and methods, and what are your concerns?

John MacArthur: I also have a great fear in the future that the churches that are going to suck up everybody are the churches with the most powerful personalities. There was a video circulating about a couple of these guys with their flat screen churches, counting how many flat screens there are on every Sunday, all across the country, multiplying flat screens. And the discussion was, you know, we've gotta do this, we've gotta do this, this is the future.  The Bible knows nothing of a pastor who isn't there, whose family isn't there, whose life isn't exposed, who doesn't touch the lives of his people on a regular basis, who can't be evaluated so as to the fitting of the qualifications [of a pastor]. How do you evaluate a 'flat screen preacher' a thousand miles away? Where is his life on exposure? How do you know his children, his wife, his habits, his life in the community, all of which is critically essential? How does he develop leaders? How does he pour his life into others? This is an aberration. And again, the culture is pulling all of this, and I think it's pulling it away from the core of sound doctrine.

Don't go to a flat screen church, period. Don't go. Don't make it successful. Don't feed that. Now, if you go to the original church, wherever the guy is, that's an option. You can see his life, and you can see his family and his children, and the way he shepherds and cares for the flock, and whether he gives himself to the Word and to prayer, on a regular basis, whether he's consumed with the spiritual direction and the feeding of the flock of God. That's an option. Don't go to a flat screen (church), don't make those places successful.

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