Thursday, May 24, 2012

John MacArthur on Spiritual Formation, the Holy Spirit, Rock Star Pastors and Christian Discernment Ministries

Posted by Christine Pack

Dr. John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church, president of The Masters College, and author of numerous theological books (including The Gospel According to JesusThe Truth War, and Slave), recently did an interview with Erin Benziger of Christian Research Network. In just a short ten minutes, Benziger and MacArthur covered a lot of ground. Here are a few snippets of Dr. MacArthur's thoughts on various topics:
Dr. John MacArthur,
Grace Community Church
 Spiritual Formation:  "It’s very dangerous, the spiritual formation. It’s a pagan approach. It’s more like Hinduism than Christianity." 
 The Holy Spirit:  "(W)hen God the Father’s honor is under attack, everybody rises to defend Him........ When Christ is attacked as to His deity or as to the nature of the cross, we get a movement like Confessing Evangelicals, we get documents responding to ECT [Evangelicals and Catholics Together] on the Gospel. We get T4G, The Gospel Coalition. We get everybody mounting a massive effort to protect the integtrity of the Gospel, Christ, the cross and His vicarious substitutionary atonement. But the Holy Spirit is just being slaughtered everywhere and where is the outrage?" 
 Rock Star Pastors:  "(Rock Star pastors) don’t want to ask anything of anybody. Just superficial, name Jesus and rock and roll with us and you’re going to Heaven." 
 Christian Discernment Ministries:  "The Apostle Paul named names all through the New Testament: good, bad and indifferent. There are times when the Church has to be warned when something is dangerous, that’s part of spiritual responsibility...... I think there are times to name names. I have a rule about that and that is, I will respond to anyone who has published something, but nothing that is private. And that’s fair."
Erin Benziger's interview with Dr. MacArthur can be read in its entirety here.

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