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Essential Oils Revisited

Posted by Sola Sisters

[NOTE and UPDATE: As of 9-22-14, Gary Young, president of Young Living Essential Oils, has been warned by the FDA that he must stop his distributors from diagnosing illness and prescribing essential oils as medicine for treating cancer and preventing Ebola contamination, among many other things, without being medically licensed to do so. The FDA letter, which falls under the category of "Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations" can be read in its entirety here. ]

Class is in, so put your thinking caps on, friends. Do essential oils stop cancer? Essential oils have been widely touted as being a "natural," and by implication, a completely safe way to fight cancer, and a protocol that can only help, and can never do harm.

So let's break it down.

Today we're going to look at 2 active components. These active components are derived from a number of different essential oils. The first component:

photo credit: Chris Gin via photopin cc
(1) PERILLYL ALCOHOL - Perillyl alcohol is derived from lavender, peppermint, cherries, sage, and lemongrass, and is the sciencey term of the active component in these products that you get after stripping away all the lovely imagery conjuring up dew-glistening fruit orchards and sun-dappled lavender fields. Let's put the pictures and romantic language about "nature" aside and look at the science. Perillyl alcohol has been tested in trials and shows no benefit in reducing tumors:
"Preliminary human trials have not demonstrated tumor regression at a four times daily dosage schedule. In addition, significant side-effects, mainly gastrointestinal, have been experienced." (online source)
And now for the second active component:

photo credit: cobalt123 via photopin cc
(2) P-MENTHA-1, 8-DIENE - P-mentha-1 and 8-diene are derived from orange peel oil, citrus peel oil, citrene and R-limonene. And again, if we dispense with the hyped up language and artfully photographed images of orange and lemon groves, and look at the science, this is what we find:
"An epidemiological study reported an inverse relationship between citrus peel consumption and squamous cell carcinoma, but an early clinical trial in breast cancer patients failed to support the observations. Further research is necessary to determine if D-limonene has a role in the prevention or treatment of cancer. Adverse Reactions: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Case Reports: Contact Dermatitis and asthma have been reported." (online source

OUR COMMENTS: We need to remember that clinical trials of a substance do not equate to efficacy/real benefit. If the oil in the petri dish kills the cancer cells, but also kills everything else, well, that's a problem. Some oils might kill cancer cells in a petri dish, but so might antifreeze and carbolic acid, and we're not going to be ingesting those things.God gave us minds with which to think. Let's use them.

Also, please understand that we are NOT saying that Christians who become ill with some kind of chronic or life-threatening illness should just wholesale place themselves in the hands of their doctors, and never have an opinion. Again, God gave us minds, let's use them. We need to be our own advocates and do our own research on all treatments prescribed. Also, doctors sometimes (often, even?) misdiagnose. My husband's chronic illness was misdiagnosed for two years. It happens. So we need to pray for wisdom, do our due diligence, look at all the evidence, and then make the best decisions we can.

On the other hand, we need to keep our wits about us, and not be taken in by flowery language, beautiful images, overstated promises, anecdotal evidence and mistaken ideas that "natural" always mean beneficial (after all, heroin, spider venom and ticks are all "natural").

Last thing: the alternative industry is an entirely unregulated industry, friends. No accountability. No oversight. And benefits claimed don't have to be backed up by legitimate scientific trials. Please, please, please bear that in mind.

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