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A Caution About Alternative/Naturopathic/Holistic Treatments

Posted by Sola Sisters

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Over the last decade, there has been a growing movement within the church to "demonize" the FDA and "Big Pharma" (a pejorative term used to describe the pharmaceutical industry), and to embrace alternative products marketed as "natural." This is a tricky thing to navigate because it is true that not all that the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA do is good (given that they are run by sinful men), and not all that is "alternative" or "natural" is bad. This matter is further complicated by the fact that those in the alternative industry often employ pseudo-scientific language (i.e., language that appears to be scientifically based, but is not). Also, sellers of alternative treatments, many of whom are genuinely motivated to help others, are under little to no regulatory oversight, and often have little to no training in diagnosing and/or treating illness.

In order to clarify our position about where we stand on Alternative Treatments vs. Traditional Western Medicine, below are some of our articles about various alternative treatments that we've discussed in recent months, as well as a list of helpful links and resources. Our concerns are twofold for the Christian:

(1) Our primary concern is spiritual in nature: the vast majority of alternative/naturopathic/holistic treatments are undergirded with New Age philosophies and beliefs which can expose Christians to beliefs and ideas about the human body, the world and sin that are unbiblical. These views are often panentheistic and/or pagan in nature (i.e.,Deifying or attributing holiness or supernatural ability to products marketed as "natural").

(2) Our secondary concern, but still an important one, is physical in nature: due to the unregulated nature of the alternative industry, these unregulated products (a) may not do what they claim to do, and (b) might not even be what they claim to be.

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These are difficult areas to navigate. This is not helped by the fact that most alternative treatments today are being presented as being scientific (i.e., pseudo-science). But just because a practitioner wears a white lab coat and uses scientific jargon and terminology does not mean that the alternative treatments being presented have undergone the kind of rigorous scientific testing and trials that a medicine would have. Also, in the same way that medicine can be misused and misdiagnoses can be made, with fatal consequences, herbs (and other alternative treatments) can also be misused and misdiagnoses can be made, sometimes with fatal consequences. The underlying issue here is that many today have the mistaken notion that just because something is "natural" that it can only help and never do harm. This is not the reality.

I would also like to make note of the fact that the FDA, which acts as a regulatory mechanism, serves an important function. Again, I recognize that it is an imperfect system. However, having an imperfect regulatory mechanism in place is far better than having zero regulatory oversight. What does "zero regulatory oversight" look like? It doesn't look like Utopia, I assure you, with all sellers of alternative products Doing Only Good For the Betterment of Mankind. We know better than that, don't we? A recent Canadian study of 44 over-the counter alternative supplements found that the active ingredients contained within the bottle did not always match up to what the label on the front of the bottle stated, with some products having been replaced entirely with filler. In other words, without oversight, however imperfect, a bottle labeled "100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil" could be nothing more than corn oil and artificial fragrance. A bottle labeled "100% Pure Chamomile" could be nothing more than grass clippings from some Chinese farmer's field. This is what happens when there is money to be made, and no oversight over products. (For more on this, please read these articles:
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One's own medical treatment is a very personal topic, as anyone who has ever endured a health crisis can attest to. We are simply presenting the resources below to, hopefully, be a blessing to those with questions and concerns about the alternative treatment industry. To begin with, we highly recommend these resources first:
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Wellness: The New Age Trojan Horse in Healthcare (Marcia Montenegro)
Update: Ingrid Schlueter Interviews Marcia Montenegro and Christine Pack (Crosstalk at VCY America 4/26/11) to Discuss The Wellness Article - you may listen here
Alternative Medicine: A Mind Blowing Magical Mystery Tour  (Free, online e-book exposing the unsubstantiated claims [both currently and historically] made about many "natural" remedies)
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And for further study, please feel free to look through some of the resources linked below.

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