Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Temptation

Pastor Jeff Noblit,
Grace Life Church
"Satan says (to today's pastors), 'Don't worry about following the Word of God too closely. Don't force a two thousand year message and two thousand year old methods on this contemporary culture.' Satan says 'There are new ideas, there are clever, creative approaches that will work better. Don't emphasize biblical doctrine, don't make the Cross the center of your message...this will bore people, even offend people. If you want results and a big name and big numbers and big popularity, you must accomodate today's world.' It comes at us all the time. Satan's point is this: if you'll just violate Scripture, God will bless, protect and breathe on your carnal efforts. But that's a lie." 

-Jeff Noblit, Grace Life Church, The Temptation of Jesus (Sermon from 5/15/2011)