Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mark Driscoll: "Shut Up and Do What You're Told"

Posted by Christine Pack

Mark Driscoll: "The one issue though that they were struggling with surrounded conflict and sin with two leaders. They're mentioned in chapter 4, verse 2 (of Philippians). And these two leaders had somehow gotten into sin, or pride, or folly, we're not exactly sure what. But there was contention and controversy around these two leaders. We find ourselves in exactly that same season as a church, where we recently had to discipline two senior leaders in the church. The people in the days of the Philippian church, they responded with grumbling and questioning. Many of the members of our church are guilty of those same sins. Lots of grumbling and questioning........So some of you are like, what does that mean in Greek? It certainly can't mean shut up and do what you're told? That's what it means."
If a pastor ever tells you that asking questions about an elder leaving is a sin, well, you might want to think about looking for another church. This is how cult leaders talk. Cult leaders demand blind obedience and will try to tell you that asking questions about leadership matters is sinful. Sometimes they do this harshly, but sometimes they do this with a very winsome, humble appearance.

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