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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shai Linne: A Recommended Resource

Posted by Christine Pack

Yes, I am a middle-aged white woman in the 'burbs who likes Shai Linne. No, I will not be posting any selfies of me making gang signs. Any other questions I may have left unanswered with my pre-emptive strike?* No? Okay, then....enjoy :)

And hats off to my friend Wallace Revels of the Truthinator website for quickly coming up with a meme about this during a spirited Facebook conversation on this topic.

*I hope my comments above are understood and taken as light-hearted fun. They're made simply to showcase that cultural distinctions between black and white are unimportant in the body of Christ. Not only are we all brothers and sisters in the faith, we're also blood brothers and sisters, given that we are all descended from Adam and Eve. For more on that topic, please follow this link to a talk by the wonderful Dr. Charles Ware - "One Blood, One Race," based on Ephesians 2. And here are more talks by Dr. Ware on Sermon Audio.

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