Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paul Petry, Former Mars Hill Elder, Speaks Out

Posted by Christine Pack

A former elder of Mars Hill Church (pastored by Mark Driscoll) has begun a blog testifying to his and his wife's experiences with what appears to have been spiritual abuse, or at least something close to that, at their former church. From former elder Paul Petry's blog Joyful Exiles:
Four and half years ago, I was fired from Mars Hill Church because I refused to resign under pressure. I was a pastor on staff, an elder, and an officer of the corporation along with a group of other men.   I spent months seeking formal reconciliation and years hoping for a better course.   I have not spoken about these matters publicly until now. With the mounting stories and “histories” coming out regarding Mars Hill Church, it no longer seems right or beneficial to remain silent. 
This website serves as a depository, a historical record of the events I and others  experienced at that time - including documents, written correspondence, and personal narrative - with the hope that greater love and reformation will emerge and transcend our weaknesses and failures. 
In addition to the straight history, my wife, Jonna, has written a personal narrative describing these events.  It is an important story and I am thankful she had the courage to write it. Our journey with Mars Hill Church began as a wonderful season God used to grow and strengthen our marriage, our children, and me – then came a very dark time, but by God’s grace, our marriage, our family, our faith (and our noses) remain intact, though forever changed.
Continue reading from the Joyful Exiles blog here.

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