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Monday, November 10, 2014

Rick Warren's Signature on Ecumenical Document "A Response to 'A Common Word'"

Posted by Christine Pack

An interfaith document authored by the Muslim community entitled "A Common Word," meant to unite Muslims and Christians together in peace and in common causes, was released in 2007.

The Christian community reacted by drafting their own document as a response to "A Common Word."  This document, drafted by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, became known as "A Christian Response to 'A Common Word'." This document contains some concerning ecumenical language, and seems to affirm that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. "A Christian Response to 'A Common Word'" was published in November 2007, and was signed by a number of professing Christian leaders, including Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, who has denied in the past that he believes that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. You can read some of the language of the Yale Response (below) and see for yourself what you think.

The entire Common Word document can be downloaded as a PDF file here. Please note that:

- The Yale Response is also contained in the "Common Word" document, beginning on page 143
- Saddleback pastor Rick Warren's signature can be seen on page 162

"A Common Word" (authored by the Muslim community)

"A Response to 'Common Word'" (authored by the Christian community)

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