Sunday, September 5, 2010

You, Lord, who know all things....

J.C. Ryle
❝Above all, let us pray daily that our own Christianity may at any rate be genuine, sincere, real and true. Our faith may be feeble, our hope dim, our knowledge small, our failures frequent, our faults many. But at all events letus be real and true. Let us be able to say with poor, weak, erring Peter, 'You, Lord, who know all things, know that I love You.' ❞ (John 21:17)  -J.C. Ryle
I identify so much with the Apostle Peter. My own Christian journey has been like his in some ways: starting out with a zeal for God but no knowledge, being refined, being foolish, learning and being refined more, more foolishness, and finally knowing at the end that HE is God and I am small, insignificant, sinful and wretched. And sometimes all I can do is say, Lord, despite all my wretchedness, my sin, my foolishness, search my heart...and know that I love you.

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