Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Gospel Coalition and Mystic Thomas Merton?

Posted by Christine Pack

Speaking as a former mystic who was saved, by God's grace and mercy, out of mysticism, I am quite shocked to hear that a group as well regarded as The Gospel Coalition would have a writer who openly, and admiringly, quotes from one of the all-time best known mystics to have ever lived, Thomas Merton (“(I want) to become as good a Buddhist as I can”), as contributing TGC author Mike Cosper does in a recent post.

And so questions must be asked again: Is this okay with all the members of The Gospel Coalition? Mightn't someone among the men who comprise The Gospel Coalition feel compelled to correct this young man about the heretical nature of the Roman Catholic system he is delighting in (as evidenced by his frequent retreats to a Roman Catholic monastery)?

Anyone with concerns should address their questions to any of the current Council Members of The Gospel Coalition. They are shown below.

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