Monday, April 14, 2014

Christians and Making Decisions

Posted by Christine Pack

I have a hunch that the sticking point for many Christians in their day-to-day lives is that they think if they somehow get a feeling or mysterious "inner nudge" that God "confirms" a decision they are trying to make, then that decision will result in a situation that is pain-free, hassle-free, problem-free and conflict-free. But do we recognize that there are no such guarantees from God in the Bible? Life is fraught with difficulties and struggles which come along even after we've made calm, measured, thoughtful decisions which accord with God's will (meaning, they aren't sinful in nature).

Attached are a series of resources that will, I hope, help Christians confused about how it is, biblically, that we are to make decisions. I pray that anyone reading this short article will be blessed by the attached resources, and will be freed from the bondage of thinking that they are somehow "out of God's will" if they have struggles and difficulty and pain and heartbreak in their lives. As long as we as Christians are not sinning in our decisions, we have freedom. Period! And oftentimes, our sovereign, loving God will use the difficulties we encounter in life as a sanctifying agent in our lives. Amen? So pray for wisdom (because God will grant it to those who pray for it--James 1:5), be thoughtful, be calm, don't sin, and go forward in peace with your decisions.

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