Friday, February 24, 2012

If Your Pastor Ever Does A Video Like This (Or You Can Imagine That He Might Do a Video Like This), Grab Your Kids and Run For The Door

Posted by Christine Pack

Pastor Ed Young: "Not that we become fashion crazy, but people definitely look at what people wear, and you are what you wear, and who are you wearing? Obviously, we're clothed in Christ, but we should do the best with what we have. (Unbuttoning shirt) You know, I have worn today Spanx, that's right, Spanx for men, and (continuing to unbutton shirt) let me show them to you. They're really cool, they're a kind of uh, compression, and they keep everything in, those muffin tops, et cetra. Yeah guys, we even wear them. I've only worn them twice, and they're good, but when you sit down, it does kind of (pantomimes sitting motion and grimaces) give you, it kind of compresses, and you have a lot of gas."

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