Monday, August 8, 2011

America Has Credit Rating Lowered

A special Financial Report program from Brannon Howse (Worldview Radio):
"America has never had its credit rating lowered as happened on Friday, August 5, 2011. What does this mean for the average American? How should Americans respond? Gold market opens and rockets beyond $1,700, China says American dollar to be 'discarded' by the world and Alan Greenspan says America will not default because we can always print money. Financial guest Michael Weiner."
I have been listening to Brannon's program almost since it first began airing. At the time, Brannon tended to be more political than I am, but I still found his programs to generally be very engaging, if a little bit hyper (a word to the wise: drink some coffee before listening to his program so that you can keep up). When I say that Brannon was more "political" than I am, I mean that I had come to understand, very early in my Christian walk, that Christian activism was not the answer to America's problems. You see, I was first a conservative Republican before I was a born-again Christian, and after years of listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sena Hannity - as brilliant as they were - I knew they didn't have the answers. Limbaugh, Hannity - and others like them - are without question bright, and have keen insights into the inner workings of the political system and the government. But they're not Christians, and thus their views will always be heavily weighted toward mere moralism. The difference between Conservative Moralism which espouses Christian values, and Christianity itself is enormous. But in a nutshell:

Moralists seeks to legally regulate the lost into behavior modification that results in a more orderly society. This is not a bad thing, but this is not a substitute for the gospel.

True, Bible-believing, born again Christians seeks to do as Christ commanded: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." After all, it is the gospel that changes hearts - and thus lives and cultures - from the inside out.

 Moralism Is Not The Answer For America 

In fact, no-one may have the "answer" for America, if by "answer" it is meant the One Thing that will put America "back on track." I'm not trying to be a pessimist, but personally, I look around, and I think it's all over for us. Christian activism, as far as I understand it, seems to be all about charging after the things that are morally and spiritually offensive to Christians. Well, I believe Christians ought to stand up against what is not right, but do we have the "right" to demand that this wicked and immoral country stop doing those things immediately because we are offended? Do Christians have this "right?" Does anyone? I mean, don't get me wrong. We need to pray fervently for our country, our president, our congressmen, etc. But working toward legislation that merely puts bandaids on the problem is not the solution. Our country is in moral freefall. If you take a leper, with his rotting flesh and odorous, open sores, and remove his filthy bandages so that you can wrap him in the finest silks and linens, how long before his oozing wounds make even these fresh, clean garments putrid? Such is the state of America today. Our decay is profound, and it is internal, moral, and spiritual in nature; the spiraling depravity of our nation is merely the outworking of what we have become at our core. We are no longer, if indeed we ever were, a Christian nation.

 "On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, All Other Else Is Sinking Sand" 

But back to Brannon Howse. As I stated, even though I liked his show very much, I often listened with some misgivings, wondering at times where his Christian activism might take him. Would he be sucked into a small but rapidly growing movement that I was tracking called the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation)? I hoped not. This movement was creating very strange bedfellows, indeed. Governor Rick Perry and the crazy, militant Charismatic Dominionist group Joel's Army....together? Surely a sign of the Apocalypse. I expect to see blood running from the faucets any day now.

Well, as it has turned out, not only has Brannon not aligned himself with the New Apostolic Reformation, but for the past month or so, he has run program after program documenting the problems with this dangerous movement. Also, in recent weeks, Brannon Howse has been speaking about his own past dedication to the cause of Christian activism, and how his own eyes have been opened to the futility of many of these efforts. I can only say that I thank God for such a humble admission. We need more men today who will stand firmly on God's Word and say, in essence, I don't need the world's approval....I have Christ.

So having said all this, I highly recommend Brannon Howse's program and worldview rallies, and in particular today's program, which is a special Financial Report about the lowering of America's credit rating, which happened on Friday, for the first time in our history. What does this mean for America? What will be the impact on our country now that our greatest creditor, China, has stated that the American dollar will be 'discarded?' Listen to today's program and find out.

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