Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paradise Lost......Paradise Regained

by Ansley Mathews, 10 years old (Honorary Sola Sister)

In the beginning,
God created it all;
Here's the story of how it went,
From "very good" to "the Fall."

First the heavens and then the earth,
Then the Garden God did create,
A home for Adam,
And Eve his mate.

God said to Adam and Eve,
Do not eat of this special tree,
There is only one rule in this garden....
You must obey Me.

God provided everything they needed:
Life, love, his presence, and peace;
God said, But if you sin....
Then all of this will cease.

But Satan came along,
And sweetly tempted Eve:
Eat of this fruit and be wise...
Your God you should not believe.

Eve took the fruit:
Tastes good to me.
She offered it to Adam:
It's delicious, you'll see.

Adam took the fruit;
And tragically had a bite;
They realized they were naked;
Then tried to hide from God's sight.

God was very angry;
For Adam turned on Eve;
But then Eve blamed the Serpent;
Oh, how Satan does deceive.

God kicked them out of the garden -
Guarding the entrance with cherubim;
At this sad moment;
They realized the gravity of their sin.

But all was not lost,
For God had a plan.
Even in the curse;
He promised a way to save man.

God would one day
Send his only Son;
For the redemption of man,
He was the only One.

He died on the Cross,
For the forgiveness of sin;
But you must repent and believe,
And then you'll be born again.

Once again God and man,
Are fully reconciled,
As God's plan of redemption,
Came through the death of his Child.