Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prince Charles and "Eco Hypocrisy"

Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer has just released the video below which details the sharp contrast between what Prince Charles of Great Britain professes to believe and his own personal lifestyle.

Yes, I recognize that royals, as public figures and leaders, must maintain a certain amount of protected space around them, but if Prince Charles truly did believe that we only have six years to save the planet, as he has stated, then wouldn't it be incumbent upon him to lead the way by actually living out his beliefs? Oh the rich, rich irony of a man who splits his time between palaces but urges his subjects to "live with less." Reminds me of another royal who was hopelessly out of touch with the plight of the working man:
Courtier: "Majesty, the villagers are starving! They have no bread to eat!"
Marie Antoinette: "Then let them eat cake!"

photo credit: University Hospitals Birmingham via photopin cc

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