Sunday, July 3, 2011

Christianity Today Promoting Mysticism

Posted by Christine Pack

From Olive Tree Views (July 2, 2011)
Jan Markell
"Jan Markell as host and Eric Barger as guest challenge Christianity Today for their promotion of a bargain sale of products promoting lectio divina, contemplative prayer, "the silence," spiritual formation, walking the labyrinth, and more. These are practices the reformers died fighting 500 years ago. In particular, the Emergent Church is promoting all of these along with everything mystical. Mysticism has replaced doctrine and the leaders of this apostate movement say Jesus died to save the earth, not individuals. Yet evangelicals are climbing on board the mystical train and it's leading to a train wreck in the church. How can you spot this in your church? Who are the names to avoid?"
This two part show can be listened to here: Part 1 and Part 2