Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Former New Ager Marcia Montenegro Interviewed About Latest Harry Potter Movie

Posted by Christine Pack

From Christian broadcaster Tim Berend's program on KKVV radio, an interview with former New Ager and professional astrologer - now born again Christian - Marcia Montenegro:
Marcia Montenegro, a guest from the old St. Louis program, is today's guest. She is a former licensed astrologer and former president of astrological society. Tim asks Marsha about those predictions by astrologers and others that come true. Marsha responds that sometimes it is a coincidence, sometimes guesses, and sometimes even demonic guidance. She says it took her about a year and a half from the time she came to the Lord until the time she realized that astrology was evil. 
She then talks about the latest Harry Potter movie. This is the final movie in the series and has a special draw. There is now one whole generation that has grown up with Harry Potter. Tim asks Marsha how to witness to a person that is a big fan of Harry Potter. Marsha responds that God DOES take some of the things in Harry Potter seriously, even though some people don't. Marsha also objects to the underlying theme that learning the occult practices by Harry is a "good thing". Tim reads Deuteronomy 18:10-14 that deals with familiar spirits and diviners and sorcery. 
Tim asks Marsha about parents whose kids complain that "all the other kids are doing it". Marsha responds that it is a parents job to make those decisions. With older teenagers, she would sit down with them and talk to them about God and how He views it. Tim and Marsha also say that a parent is responsible to God for their children. 
She has several articles on books and movies on her home page, which is located at Christian Answers for the New Age.
The interview can listened to in its entirety here.

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