Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Phil Johnson and Chris Rosebrough Weigh In on Piper-Warren

Posted by Christine Pack

In a 3-part series of radio programs, Phil Johnson (Team Pyro) and Chris Rosebrough (Pirate Christian Radio) weigh in on the topic of Piper-Warren. For anyone in Christendom who doesn't know what that means, I'm referring to the controversy that was ignited when well-known and well-respected pastor John Piper (author of Desiring God, Future Grace and numerous other books) invited pastor Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life) to be his keynote speaker at the Desiring God 2010 conference.

The reason this invitation to Rick Warren was so shocking to so many was because Rick Warren, the preacher who has single-handedly done more to drive true gospel preaching out of today's churches than almost any other pastor alive today, had been invited to speak at one of the most respected forums for putting the spotlight on bringing true gospel preaching back into today's churches. How ironic is that?