Tuesday, January 31, 2012

James MacDonald Plays the Race Card

Posted by Christine Pack and Cathy Mathews

James MacDoanld with Eric Mason, Charles Jenkins and Bryan Loritts

James MacDonald posted a video today in which he gathered together three African American Christian pastors to discuss the fallout from his public embracing of heretic T.D. Jakes as a Christian brother. Below is a partial transcript of their conversation:
Bryan Loritts: "Some of the strongest reactions were African Americans in the blogosphere....um, I'll just go ahead and say it, who strike me as wanting so bad to be in the white theological world. And to take a little bit of a tangent here, and I'll get back, the loudest voices in the conservative evangelical world, in my estimation right now, are your older, white reformed voices. And so that implicitly sends the message that mature Christianity in the conservative evangelical world is 'older white.' And you've got some African Americans who so idolize that - what some people would call white idolization - that they then feel as if they've got to be the voice for black culture to speak against people like T.D. Jakes. So what happens is, you kind of prop them up. When the truth of the matter is, the term 'black' is very complex.......We're different, we're different. So my concern is, African Americans, a small minority speaking against Jakes, and then leveraging that in the white theological world for some of these older white theologians...." 
James MacDonald: "What would they be leveraging it for?" 
Bryan Loritts: "To fit into their circles...." 
James MacDonald: "Opportunity...?" 
Bryan Loritts: "We want to be in their circles. And so we'll allow ourselves to used as a puppet. That is my perception of some of this backlash."
TRANSLATION: If you are white and will not accept Modalist heretic T.D. Jakes as a brother in Christ, then you are racist. If you are black and will not accept TD Jakes as a brother, it is because you are being used as a puppet by the white reformed community. Our question: Is everybody okay with the race card being so blatantly played?

You can view part of the roundtable discussion below:

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